This blog is about transformative radiant health of individuals and communities!  It is about how we need to think differently about what health means, how to live well, with full vitality for your maximum health span and potential. 

In this blog we will discuss ideas around optimal health, the transformation of medicine, precision medicine and an a deep ecological view of health + wellness.

I am a practising ER Physician, Functional Medicine Physician in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  I am also the co-founder of Connect Health – a integrative + functional medicine centre.  My interest is in preventative medicine, increasing health span and optimal health. 

Resilience – An Integrative Perspective

Life on earth has survived through billions of years because of its ability to adapt to changes.  All living things today are the product of this evolutionary intelligence.  We wouldn’t be here reading this article if we didn’t have resilience engineered into our DNA. We are in fact wired to… Read more

Healthy Immunity Part One

Part One:  An Integrative perspective of Healthy Immunity The function of the immune system to protect the organism from potential threats.  These threats can be external infectious agents such as pathogenic bacteria, viruses, other micro-organisms but also include environmental toxins and chemicals.  The immune system also provides a surveillance function… Read more

Resilience – Why we need to pay attention to the nature of mind more than ever…

  Any crisis presents a perfect opportunity to examine the nature of our mind.  Where is our attention going?  Are we ruminating on the latest news of COVID 19, not in any productive way but just becoming worried and anxious.  Are we being present and aware of  what is actually… Read more

Healthspan is more important than Lifespan

  Longevity is the big buzzword these days.  There is no end to humanity’s search for the magic elixir of prolonged life or even immortality.  With the continuing discoveries and exponential growth of life science technologies and fuelled by increasing computing power, we are hurtling headlong into the unknown of… Read more

Whole Human Health

Ultimately, what is health? The WHO (World Health Organization) defines it as the following: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Health is not merely the absence of disease.  It is a positive asset that enables us… Read more

Precision Medicine – The Molecular You

There is a revolution that is underfoot that is going to change how we understand our bodies, approach our health and how medicine will be practiced. This coming revolution is being powered by a super-convergence of technology and empowered consumers.  Advances in biotechnology now allows us to sequence your genome… Read more